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Sales & Distribution strategies of Bharti Airtel Ltd.
A multi-regional marketing and sales team builds both direct and indirect sales channels. Regional organizations are responsible for the definition of the sales & marketing strategies, and plans for their respective territories. Each region also provides significant inputs and reviews of the corporate strategic sales, marketing, and product direction.

In order to capitalize on the opportunities in each geographic region, Bharti Airtel has put into place a network of on-the-ground, experienced and incentivised sales and marketing personnel. The teams there build both direct customer relationships as well as indirect channels (through handset manufacturer, Network Solutions
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Ø As the UD gets items directly from the company so products, services and promotion materials can be made available to retailers in shorter period of time.
Ø UD can generate secondary and consequently primary in shorter period of time.
Ø Three degree distribution is suitable for catering to rural areas because lesser population density and large spread of geographical areas.
Ø Since in rural areas there is poor banking infrastructure and courier services hence for availability of products and services, three degree distribution is more appropriate.

Field officer sales (FOS):

FOS is manpower of UDs and RDs, who on behalf of them sell the SIM, RCVs, Easy balance etc. to retailers under his assigned beat. These are only manpower of the distributors who works in the market.

Roles and responsibility of FOS:

FOS is responsible for the secondary sales under his assigned beat.
FOS is responsible for collecting PEFs, money against billing by retailer and distribution of promotion material among retailers in consultation with TM.
Circulate communication from the company properly to Retailers regarding schemes, new offers, incentives etc.
FOS resolves the retailer complains through FOS

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