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Aetna Recruiting and Selection

Aetna’s focus on corporate responsibility is evident in everything they do, from adherence to strict ethical standards to longstanding support of the communities where they do business. Aetna has a clear track record for social responsibility that starts with their member-focused mission statement and set of values and culminates in responsible business policies and practices. Aetna recognize the impact and importance of diversity in all aspects of their business, workforce, customers, suppliers, networks of health care professionals, in their products and services and through their contributions to the communities they serve. It’s part of the Aetna way of doing business.
Aetna Recruiting Policy
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It allows them to get more information from you to determine if an in-person interview is warranted. The phone interview can last up to one hour. If you are a viable candidate for the job, they will schedule an in-person interview. You will meet with the manager or managers who are looking to fill the position. You may also meet other people from the department. The interview process can be several hours long. The last step requires a reference check through Aetna. This is the final step in the hiring process. Aetna will contact each of the references you provided. This step takes about five to seven days. If everything checks out and they will decide to offer you the job, a Human Resource professional will contact you with a verbal offer of employment.

Aetna’s process for Background checks, Testing, and Drug Screenings
Aetna values their employees from the moment they join the team, providing an extensive orientation program for each new hire. In order to attract energetic people who care about their work and exceeding client expectations, they offer industry competitive wages and a benefits package that is among the best in the industry. Employees are evaluated annually and are required to undertake training, which offers multiple opportunities for advancement. Aetna has the highest employee retention rate in the industry, with nearly 60% of current management having “risen through the ranks.” When an Aetna

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