Requirement's Analysis Essay

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Today’s world is driven by social connectivity and the prominence of mobile technology has made it easier than ever for us to share our lives with just a few clicks or taps of the finger. Creative people thrive on expression; expressing themselves, their thoughts, their emotions, and the world around them. However, there is currently a void in the social-media market for an app that allows creative people to express their full creativity. XPRSSN has a wide audience from professional to amateur designers/artists, unique features that aren’t currently offered in any other app along with updated user-favorite features. XPRSSN has an established audience that is currently being overlooked by other apps and the app objectives are
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They might be a working professional, a passionate hobbyist, or anyone in between. Our main focus is on the American population, but we are anticipating expanded growth beyond our target market. We are focusing on people who use their smart phone on a daily basis (iPhone and Android) and the Internet. The user’s ability with technology would range from competent to expert and the target audience uses multiple electronics everyday.

At the end of end of 2012, Instagram, an app that is considered a leader in photo-sharing and thus prime competition, advertised that they had an average of 15.6 million daily users. In a survey done in August of 2012, 67% of Instagram’s users were under the age of 34 and 83% of all Instagram users had used the app while they were at work. Our target audience is currently using Instagram because there is no other app that can compete on the same level. However, what makes our app a prime competitor is the fact that Instagram is plagued with young kids (under the age of 12) and teenagers (age 13 through 19) who use it like they do Facebook and Twitter. Our app is taking away the novice approach that Instagram is built on and making it for the more proficient user. This is not to say that it will be hard to use – on the contrary it is user-friendly – but it is to say

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