Religion in Aui Essay

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Religious Principles at AUI

Done by:
Elias-Crespo Molato
Omar Badaoui
Abd Errahmane Morchid

Spring 2008
Instructor’s Name:
Mrs.Monica Sturgess


The main objective of this research study is to find out the level of commitment of AUI students toward their religion. It had been revealed after going through the literature review that the main reasons that push students to ignore their religion can be related to the political regime that the government is approaching which combines religion with modernity, parents that don’t want to put pressure on their children, and the lack of connecting religion with the public schools curriculum. In order to get a relevant research, we have used both qualitative and
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Also, it provides local and international students the freedom to express their opinions and practice their own faiths and beliefs in an environment of respect, peace, and tolerance. Since religion is one of the main aspects of our daily life, the university has taken the importance of the religious affairs into consideration for students. Religion is the service and worship of God or the supernatural, and it is also perceived as the commitment and devotion to religious faith. The university upholds the right of its diverse religions in order not to allow any discrimination or disrespect inside the campus; therefore, students try to integrate within the university’s society and make it cosmopolitan. In addition, Al Akhawayn University respects all religions; however, since Islam has the priority because it is the dominant and official religion of Morocco and the majority of the AUI community follows Islam. For this purpose, the university built a mosque at the very center in order to remind young Moroccans of their roots. Besides Islam, the university takes care of Christianity. There are other reserved areas for Christian that let them follow their religion practices. In this research, we have derived out our main observation from the fact that muslim at AUI do not use the Mosque in their daily lives. Even on Friday which is the sacred day for Muslims, it can be noticed that approximately eighty

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