Religion And Its Impact On Society Essay

1616 Words Nov 15th, 2014 7 Pages
Many people all around the world have something in common, and that thing is some sort of belief in a god. Religion is something that comforts people that are in a bad time and gives each of them hope. Today however, it has turned out to be primarily superstitious beliefs which retain its followers based on some sort of fear, usually like an appalling afterlife. The idea of gods derived from people needing answers to what was happening to certain things like the weather and disasters. Religion has been the basis for a number of decisions, including wars and has been a major factor in politics (Gherghina 336). Religion should not be included in a western society in today’s world simply because it serves little purpose to the functioning of a country’s government and it creates many conflicts that can easily be avoided by removing the integration of religion in governing a country. In order to remove religion from a country’s governing style, they need to be identified. One person categorizes religion by stating that it includes a group of people that pray to a superhuman being, make sacrifices, as well as making pilgrimages to a place that is related to the higher power they idolize. One reason that religion should not be included is the Spanish Inquisition, which was established place in 1478. The inquisition was considered a control technique and religion was the reason behind it. It was accountable for the jailing, torture, and execution of mostly Jews accused of…

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