Essay on Religion And Culture During The Western World

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Religion and culture both have influence on views regarding death and dying in the Western World. This essay will show the impact this influence may have on views today.

Religion is defined in the Oxford English dictionary as “Belief… which is typically manifested in obedience, reverence, and worship; such a belief as part of a system defining a code of living, esp. as a means of achieving spiritual or material improvement.” (2014). Culture on the other hand is defined as “The distinctive ideas, customs, social behaviour, products, or way of life of a particular nation, society, people, or period. Hence: a society or group characterized by such customs, etc.” (Oxford English Dictionary, 2014). Although religion and culture are not the same thing, it would be wrong to say they are completely separate either. There are a number of religions practiced in the Western World which together should be seen as one dimension of culture.

One way in which religion can be seen as an influence on views is in the circumlocution found within the English language to describe death. Each religion is distinct and has its own beliefs about death and dying, they all view this as a natural conclusion to life - however some believe in the notion of an afterlife, and some believe in reincarnation. Regardless of these differences, they all have a shared conclusion in viewing dying as a natural part of life, and death in its most basic form as a transitional phase (Webster, 2009). Phrases such as…

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