Relationship Between The Biblical Brothers Cain And Abel And The Iliad

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Few relationships encourage the motivation to take action as that of rivalries. The struggle to best a contemporary that seeks the same, or a similar, goal produces emotions that inspire rivals to go the extra mile; for better or for worse. In the best of situations, a healthy rivalry produces a system where the competitive nature of both parties influences the one another to better themselves in an attempt to gain the upper hand. Both sides are allowed to prosper and grow under these situations and the result of the rivalry is beneficial to the whole. The contrasting experience arises when a rivalry pits the opposing forces against one another and one, or both, parties seek to gain advantage over the other by sabotaging or eliminating their competition. In examining the relationships between the biblical brothers Cain and Abel, and the relationships of the Greek soldiers Achilleus and Agamemnon from the Iliad, one will note that the two pairs provide clear examples of the latter, more destructive form of rivalry. A reader that examines the similar emotions exuded by both Cain and Achilleus will understand that they play a significant role in producing the detrimental events that result. At the outset it behooves us best to inspect the conditions that lead up to each of the pairs’ relative rivalries. Cain and Abel are both sons of Adam and suppliants to God. Cain works as a farmer, given the job of tilling the earth and producing fruit to offer to the Lord. His brother in…

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