Relationship Between Organizational Leaders And Their Work Essay

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It is not uncommon for people to meet their future partners in their workplace. Indeed, many people fall in love with their colleagues. However it is also possible that the director or manager of a company is sharing an intimate relationship with an employee. According to Vault 's 2014 Office Romance Survey, 20% of women surveyed claimed they have dated a supervisor against 9% of men who dated a supervisor. Statistics can be partly explained by the increased number of women who work compared to the past. It has increased the chance of workplace romance.

Superior-subordinate relationship refers to the involvement between organizational leaders and their subordinates and how they work together to achieve personal and organizational goals. This relationship can therefore be categorized into two, which are: Formal relationships—which consist of respect and adequate attitude towards subordinates—and informal relationships which is the correct way to behave at work with your subordinate. Informal relationship, which is where the boundaries between work and personal do no longer exist, can potentially either delay or facilitate organizational functioning, it can for example cause sexual relationships between the boss and the subordinate. SHRM finds that 95% HR professionals think that boss-subordinate relationships should be restricted, and 54% agree to restrict the relationship with someone of a significant rank. These two are the main sources of concern for a company.…

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