Reflection On The Setting Of Project Management Essay

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This paper displays my adapting through reflection inside the setting of Project Management. It reflects my participation with other group members during the project that I did as an assignment and of course the lessons I have learnt during my whole session which including context such as cases, simulations, lectures and discussion during class. I use my learning skills to try out the approaches should be used to manage natural disasters. Reflection is an extremely urgent learning instrument for associations and people to express their selves about their learning period.
1 Introduction
Mangement is the critical task to mange the project Project Mangemnet mailnly based on three constraints such as Cost,Quality and time.The role of mangement is about how to mange these three constraninsts.To manage project suh as natural disaters, time is one of the most important constraints (LGA).This report presents the methodology and procedure executed for my project. It then investigates the lessons learnt through this intelligent practice for the association of the project. Finally it explores the ideas to enchance the result of the project and other aspects that are realted to the natural disters project.By foecusing on recovery method this report revelas the risk mangement aproach that can be helpful to mange the natural disasters project.
2 Case Notes
The case notes that I did during my session, gave me great experience to think about logically for each aspect of…

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