Reflection On The Buddhist Service At Wat Punyawanaram Temple

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David Destefano –
Buddhist Service at Wat Punyawanaram Temple
My choice for the reaction portion to my visit to a Thai Buddhist service. I chose a local Thai Buddhist temple to attend for a service - Wat Punyawanaram in Melbourne. The temple was putting on a service called Loi Krathong. According to, “Loy Kratong is as old as Thai heritage and represents a close bond between Thai culture and water. The festival takes place on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month when the water level is high and the climate is cooler. Participants ask water spirits to sail away their troubles in their krathongs, which are containers traditionally made from banana leaves and carrying offerings of incense, lotus flowers and small money.” (, 2014) Christianity is my personal religion and is the main reason for choosing a religion that is very different from my own.
Upon arrival, I noticed that the members, who were helping coordinate, were very friendly and accepting of an “outsider” attending one of their events. I asked a few questions and made sure to be courteous. I was specifically concerned about being respectful and making sure it was acceptable for me to participate in the service. Figure 1: Members greeting patrons and coordinating the service display
There was a full Thai Buffet type of setup with…

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