Reflection Of A Disaster : The Impossible Essay

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Reflection of a Disaster: “The Impossible”
Mayra Castillo
MPH O768 Emergency Preparedness
Des Moines University

Pre-event: disaster plan The movie The Impossible is a real eye opening experience to the struggles and survival of a horrendous disaster. It’s based on the true story of the Belon family’s ordeal during and after the devastating 2004 Tsunami in Thailand that killed over 200,000 people. I have seen this movie three times. It’s truly an emotional and frightening experience. I could only image my two kids and myself there, riding among the victims in a terrifying state of mind. Sometimes, I wonder if my family would have drowned or survived this unexpected natural disaster. I didn’t include my pets because they are usually placed in boarding kennels when we go on vacation. After completing a course of emergency preparedness, I have realized the importance of having a disaster plan especially when travelling to unfamiliar territory. It’s essential to know the disaster history of the area we are planning to visit in order to prepare appropriately. We should learn about the warning systems and evacuation routes put in place to deal with disasters. We must pack a light emergency kit with a cell phone, first aid kit, emergency contacts, medications, food, water, and clothes for three people for few days. If we plan to stay close to the beach, we should book hotel rooms on higher floors. The Belon’s had booked a room on the third floor, but they were…

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