Reducing Pollution And Using Renewable Sources Of Energy Essay

1117 Words Jun 21st, 2015 null Page
As humanity has grown and expanded we have had an incredible, and arguably, irreversible effect on our biosphere. Between our intense levels of energy consumption and the pollution as a result of that use we are stretching the planet’s ability to correct itself it the limit. The Earth goes through different stages naturally, but the human race is torn between wanting to stop it, thereby keeping with what we know, and wanting to allow the Earth to right our wrongs. We are moving towards finding ways to reduce pollution and using renewable sources of energy, but only time will tell if we can do enough to continue to live in our current status. According to “Essentials of Biology” only about 6% of the global energy supply comes from nuclear power and another 81% comes from fossil fuels (Mader 638). That means that 87% of the world’s energy supply comes from nonrenewable sources, which will eventually run out, probably sooner than we would like to think. As many people fear nuclear power, it makes sense that fossil fuels remain the primary energy source. However, just as nuclear power, fossil fuels release toxins into the air, polluting the air and weakening our ozone layer. To break this down even further, The International Energy Agency shows that in 2013, 35.8% of world energy came from oil, 25.8% from natural gas, 19.4% from coal, 9.7% from nuclear, 5.3% from biofuels, 2.3 % from hydropower, and only 1.7% from “other sources” meaning sources such as wind, solar and…

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