Redbull Essay

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Stakeholders Analysis 2
Customers 2
Competitors 2
Company 2
Red Bull's key internal stakeholders 2
Red Bull's Strengths and Weaknesses 3
Red Bull's brand appearance, personality and reputation 3
Community 3
Marketing Mix 3
Product 4
Price 4
Place 4
Promotion 4
Positioning 5
Bibliography 6
Reference Material 6
Internet Resources 6
Appendix 7

Stakeholders Analysis


Athletes – Red Bull is targeted at athletes serious about their sport and personal performance. Red Bull increases athletes performance, concentration and reaction speed. A good example of Red Bulls support of athletes can be seen with the many extreme and high adrenaline events they are sponsoring, such as the F1 Grand Prix, Moto GP,
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|hobbies. |
|Innovation in flavours. |One energy drink can keep you energized for half a day. |
| |More cost efficient for consumers. |
|Weaknesses |Weaknesses |
|Growth and income dependant on one brand. |Fail to appeal to women. |
|Reliance on 3rd party distributors. |Circulation and availability is limited to convenience and |
|Lower inventory turnover than rest of industry. |grocery stores. |
|Weak focus in growing adult segment. |Initial sip of Rockstar can deter consumers away due to its |
| |aftertaste. |


Red Bull's key internal stakeholders

Red Bull’s stakeholders built the organizations structure to be “Management by organized chaos”. Red Bull’s continued success is built on their entrepreneurial structure of people hired for their

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