Recruitment Essay

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Selecting and recruiting god employees for an organization is indeed one of the most crucial and critical aspects of running an organization as the decisions so taken to this respect can either take the organization to the heights of success, or a mistake or wrong decision in the same can altogether destroy the organization. In this respect, it must be borne in mind that each individual has a valuable contribution, irrespective of the position or status of the employee in the respective organization. In the correct age of information and the equally competitive business environment, it would be somewhat of a futile exercise to select and recruit an employee simply upon the selector's gut feeling, the handsome appearance, or
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This drawback was that he had been an alcoholic, but as of now the applicant was on a rehabilitation program. The excellent credentials and equally sound references allowed the applicant to be hired. It was only six months later that the same employee with excellent credentials and references reverted to his drinking habits and had to be laid off. In such a situation, the human resource manager could not be blamed entirely for the hiring decision, as the individual's personal conduct led to his own dismissal, hence the element of uncertainty in both selecting and recruiting.
2nd Case Study of Uncertainty Element
In yet another instance, there is the case of an individual with excellent performance for two consecutive years with equally rising sales figures for the respective salesman's region. However, after two years, the sales figures for the same salesman begin to witness a significant drop, in turn alerting the human resource manager and making him worry about the individual. The human resource manager dutifully enquires about any problems about which the salesman may need assistance. The salesman response is that he is having some domestic problems, and that the same would be resolved. A couple of months later the organization discovers that the salesman's wife has left him, in turn worsening the sales figures of the same individual. With no end to the problems, the organization had no choice but to relieve the salesman of his duties permanently. Once

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