Recent Events And Reports Regarding Security Issues Occurring On The Company 's Network

1200 Words Dec 11th, 2015 null Page
To Whom This May Concern,

Upon review of recent events and reports regarding security issues occurring on the company 's network it is important to outline what has occurred already in line with the current threats to the organizations.

Likelihood of Threats

Breaking down the reports on what has occurred on the network at this point we know that several threats that face the organization have occurred and can occur again.

On the workstations, we know that the network and computers are behaving slowly and that there are advertisements that occur even when users are not actively using the internet. We also know that computers are unpatched, and that software that has been installed on the computers are also not kept up to date. Users have administrative access and can download and install programs and plug-ins at will. Given this combination of issues it is an indication that the workstations have already been compromised. The computers responding sluggishly and providing popups indicates that malicious software is currently running and active on those computers.

The servers operating system, and software installed is currently not patched and the software is not up to date. The server is both public facing hosting a website, and accessible to the internal network. Given the compromise of the internal network, and the deletion and defacement of the website. We know that the server is both at risk from the website it hosts, and the compromised internal network.…

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