Recent Changes Of The National Breakfast And Lunch Programs Essay

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Recent changes to the national breakfast and lunch program to improve nutrition and health

The rate of obesity in the United States is higher than it has ever been. As a matter of fact, many social scientists like Dr. Christakis term this as an epidemic (Kolata, 6). There are many a number of things that lead to obesity and one of these is an excessive amount of time spent in front of the TV. Since a huge sum of the US population has replaced everyday activities with technology, more than one-third of the entire US population has been classified as obese (CDC, 15). This amounts to above 78 million US residents. With an increase in the level of obesity, there is an increase in the medical costs of the US on the whole. Since obesity rose unexpectedly in the year 2008, medical costs increased by a little above 147 billion dollars as estimated by the CDC (28). Although obesity is most common amongst teenagers, children and infants are not immune to the epidemic. Approximately 17% of children and infants in the US are obese (CDC, 34). Serious thought needs to be put into dealing with this epidemic as the impact is rising drastically. “Childhood obesity has been called “one of the most serious public health challenges of the 21st century,” and with good reason” (hsph). Forty-four percent of all public schools in the entire US, including Strayer University, have decided to tackle this alarming situation by joining the “Farm to School” program; a collaboration between schools and…

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