Reasons For Study Microbiology Is Not A Better Understanding Of Microorganisms And The Huge Part They Play

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Sara Parks Unknown Report

Introduction One of the many reasons to study microbiology is to gain a better understanding of microorganisms and the huge part they play in the world. It is imperative to know the differences between microorganisms. This knowledge is useful in many cases; for instance, a patient with an unidentified infection could be administered effective treatment if one possessed the knowledge to correctly define the microorganism. Furthermore, the purpose of this unknown lab activity is to identify both a pure culture of an upper respiratory tract microorganism and two unknown species from a mixed culture of enteric bacteria. To correctly identify these organisms, students applied their acquired knowledge to perform tests and execute the methods and techniques learned throughout the course of this microbiology lab.
Materials & Methods To begin the unknown lab, students retrieved two tubes, one pure culture (URT) unknown and one mixed culture unknown. The Upper Respiratory Tract (URT) unknown, test tube labeled #332, was streaked for isolation on a sheep blood agar (SBA) plate. The aseptic technique was applied to properly isolate the bacterium. After 24-hour incubation at 35oC, students removed plates from the incubator and made observations to decide on further testing. The newly isolated colonies of bacterium were then used to implement: a Gram stain, oxidase test, and a bile esculin test, as the best pathway. Isolated colonies were present, but no…

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