Reality Tv : Just Entertainment Or Is It Causing People? Essay

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Reality TV: Just Entertainment or is it Causing People to Pursue Conflicts in Their Lives?

What began as a new form of entertainment with The Real World in the 1990s, has progressed to become reality TV, a questionable influence to millions throughout the country. The specific sub-genre of documentary-style reality television, such as Jersey Shore and 16 and Pregnant, follows the lives of either regular people or celebrities, showing their everyday activities. These shows contain a lot of drama and altercations, something we as humans have developed a guilty pleasure for watching. People will even begin encouraging these actions as they occur on television. With millions of viewers for each episode on television, one has to wonder what sort of effect the industry could have on its everyday viewers. Is it possible that reality television could be more than simply entertainment? Could this documentary-style reality TV be encouraging us to seek out conflicts in our own everyday lives? On one hand, this genre of reality TV is no different than most forms of television, such as soap operas, and its viewers do not perceive these shows as anything more than fictional entertainment. Documentary reality TV has a tendency to be heavily scripted, and that is known amongst a large majority of viewers. Therefore, people do not take the actions of the people on the show to heart. They are aware that the show is not necessarily “real” and the drama that occurs between those on the show…

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