Reality Tv and Modern Culture Essay

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What Reality Television Says About Modern Culture: Essay One

The Merriam-Webster online dictionary defines reality television as “programming that features videos of actual occurrences.” Reality television has become an increasingly favorable genre of television shows, but society often fails to recognize how unrealistic these superficial shows have become. Many people enjoy reality television due to its ability of making viewers laugh, and step back from their own lives for a period of time. This television craze proves that modern culture has an altered view of reality, and has become progressively superficial due to the lack of education on the topic. Society claims that these shows are realistic, however they are often a scripted
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Many “reality television” shows have been proven to have little to no reality within them. Modern culture has been under the influence that cast members say what ever comes to mind and are completely improvised however, once again this proves that modern culture has been misinformed, and can be deemed as gullible. Daniel Petrie Jr., president of the Writers Guild of America-West explains that reality shows are not completely scripted like classic sitcoms, but he makes the example of “The Simple Life,” a popular reality show involving Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie. He said “The writers craft the scenes that put the two heroines in fish-out-of-water situations.” Nicole and Paris are not directly fed dialogue but the show is not completely realistic, and viewers that have seen this show would agree. As earlier mentioned, reality television is supposed to be composed of “videos of actual occurrences” (Merriam-Webster online dictionary), yet this programming hardly seems to fit within this category. “Reality television” is evidentially manipulated or often changed completely to make it seem more interesting and more desirable to viewers. Producers formulate a controlled environment for the show to take place, ultimately resulting in controlled results, even if neither of these variables are realistic.

It is a reoccurring theme between reality series’ that many shows are not

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