Rape Culture On College Campuses Essay

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Rape on U.S. College Campuses: Causes, Effects, and What’s Being Done to Stop It
Rape culture on college campuses is pervasive and blatant, but universities, as well as fellow students, politicians, law enforcement officials, media messages, and gender roles in a culture where men dominate and women are not taken as seriously, endorse the bias that sexual assault is the victim’s fault or “unavoidable” in a culture where X, instead of focusing on preventing rape by changing the behavior of perpetrators. Rape culture on campus is perpetuated by the media, U.S. laws, and universities trying to protect their name. The continued emphasis on the actions of sexual assault victims, instead of aggressors, is a real problem in U.S. colleges today and creates a culture of nonbelief and blame towards the victims of these crimes, and only recently have lawmakers and students begun to speak out about it.
While as many as one out of every five women are sexually assaulted during college today (Ridgway), there have been a shockingly low number of reported sexual assaults, and investigations on the assaults reported, released by higher education institutes in the U.S. today. A recent college survey instated by Senator Claire McCaskill, a Missouri Democrat, revealed that 41% of schools surveyed did not conduct a single sexual-assault investigation in the past five years. “‘That means that they are saying there have been zero incidents of sexual assault on their campuses,’ McCaskill said in a…

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