Raising A Child Is Difficult Task Essay

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Raising a child is difficult task. Although times have changed and our society is more accepting than it used to be, intentionally bringing a child with a disability into the world is morally and ethically wrong. Sharon Duchesneau and Candy McCullough are a deaf lesbian couple. They are also the parents of two deaf children. Sharon and Candy specifically chose a sperm donor that was deaf, and used his sperm to conceive both of their children. They chose this sperm donor because they wanted their children to be deaf, like them. This is an act of selfishness. Deaf people lead more difficult lives than hearing people, it is more convenient to be able to hear rather than to be deaf. Presumptions about the horrors of deafness are usually made by those not living deaf lives (Bauman, 2005). Both Sharon and Candy suffered as children because were deaf, feeling excluded and like they were disliked. They claim that times have changed, and people are more accepting of deaf people. Do they have the right to decide that their child has a disability? They should know first hand that growing up with a disability is tough. Most deaf people seek to have a child that is not deaf, because they want their child to live a normal life.
The couple does not view deafness as a disability, but as a culture. As most cultures do, the deaf community help each other out and have a special way of communicating (Spriggs, 2002). They view their deafness as a cultural identity. Deaf people…

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