Racial Equity And Domestic Violence Essay

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An event called CONNECT Community Dialogue was held at a safe environment where women and men come together to ask tough questions and share their concerns about healthy relationships, gender equity and domestic violence. It was an intergenerational conversation on fathers and men preventing violence. A mobilization strategy implemented to prevent family violence. It was a great way according to Caitlin (2002) to strengthen Sister- and Brotherhoods in the shared mission to create safe families and peaceful communities.
One of the first requirements in any community dialogue is to raise awareness and highlight the magnitude of the problem. People in the community must understand the impact of the issues at hand and also know where to turn for help; else they will be unlikely to get involved or to communicate the unacceptability of violence (Caitlin, 2002).
Families are hesitant to talk about violence for it is often seen as a private matter. CONNECT discovered that once families who have a safe place and opportunity to speak about violence have no reluctance to do so. Having a community dialogue event is a good fit and aligns with the mission of the organization. It allows people to think differently about the problem, and to own the issue as one they can do something about.
Even though CONNECT provide appropriate services which are important components in the effort to counter family violence; it takes more for real change to be generated and sustained. The families and…

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