Rabies Is A Complex Virus Essay

1484 Words Nov 18th, 2014 6 Pages
Kelsey M. Lee
Castleton State College

Rabies is a complex virus that is found in mammals and has proven to be highly fatal in humans. Deriving from the rabies virus (RV) this virus attacks its host’s central nervous system and is most commonly transmitted through the exchange of saliva through a bite (Duncan & Boulton, 2012). It has been documented however that the virus can infect an individual through contact of the virus and an open wound and some cases have shown that inhalation in bat caves is an alternative transmission route (Manning et al, 2008). There are two different types of rabies that have been identified they are furious and paralytic which is less common, however they are both equally as lethal. The human reaction to the rabies virus is divided into four stages, incubation, prodrome, acute neurological, and coma. Unfortunately, the symptoms of rabies mimic several illnesses and diseases, however once symptoms begin to show the host will inevitably die (Duncan & Boulton, 2012).
During the fifties the United States at that time had greatly addressed rabies and since then the relevance of rabies found in domesticated animals is rare (Manning et al., 2008). Developing countries remain some of the highest leaders in deaths related to rabies and the majority of cases are caused by feral canine bites (Manning et al., 2008). It is one of the most underreported diseases worldwide and contributes to almost 24,000…

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