Questions On Intelligence And Academic Skills Essay

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Intelligence is defined as the ability to learn and think logically about abstract concepts while also being able to adapt to the environment. Chapter seven is all about intelligence and academic skills. This chapter discusses two major intelligence theories: Gardner’s and Sternberg’s. The psychometric approach to intelligence is the attempt to quantify people’s psychological skills and abilities based off a paper and pencil test or physical measurements. One of the most well-known tests is Spearman’s two-factor theory of intelligence. The two factors were general intelligence (g) and specific intelligence (s). General intelligence is a very broad category based on mental power that underlies all intellectual tasks/functions. Spearman thought g was neurologically based and was the main aspect to the theory. Specific intelligence is the abilities people in certain areas like reading, verbal and special skills. To go along with Spearman’s g, there is fluid ability which is biologically based ability to think and see relationships among different things. Then, in contrast, there is crystalized ability which is specific knowledge and skills that you get from a culture.
The next theory is Gardner’s theory of intelligence which is a little more complicated, that has to do with multiple intelligences. He believes there are many different intelligences and it can’t be categorized into one intelligence. Everyone has multiple intelligences that operates independently from the other…

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