Quality Management Essay

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Hartman Industry’s LLC, researches, develops, and produces plastic injection molding. Innovative plastic designs with a focus on research and development has landed this industry international acclaim. Hartman Industry’s LLC, focuses on exceeding the standards set for research and development while meeting the needs of customers. “The Hartman Industry’s R&D Department strives to maintain its position as the industry leader by continuously identifying industry trends” (University of Phoenix, 2009). A quality management system would meet the needs of Hartman Industry’s focus and provide organizational improvement. This paper discusses the quality management system for organizational improvement and summarizes the requirements for that …show more content…
According to Goetsch, (2010, p. 607) “Virtually every type of enterprise can benefit from total quality. Starting on the journey now may put you ahead of your competition”.

Six Sigma is a measure of total quality that strives towards near perfection in customer satisfaction. According to Gosnik, (2010, p.206) “It is a methodology and set of tools - define, measure, analyze, improve, control, which help to reduce quality problems to less than 3.4 defects per million or better”. Eliminating defects as well as focusing on research and development can assist Hartman in maintaining the competitive edge the industry desires.

Requirements of System

The requirements contain building a platform that will require maintaining communication, focusing on quality, improving quantity, and improving quality tools so that each will work effective and favorable manner. Measuring quality to ensure that the right quality tools are being implemented is a major factor. Maintaining the proper guidance for adherence to policies and maintaining communication is very important. Management should be involved in the process as a means of ideas and opinions that may come up.

Six Sigma has great potential and offers help to improve quality tools that are already in place. Data, problem-solving, and systematic analysis will begin to improve. Hartman is a company that produces plastic injection molding. Quantity and quality are very important as the

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