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Online Business Expansion Proposal eBusiness (QRT2)

Fischer’s Popcorn is a family owned business that has been popping popcorn on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, New Jersey since 1947. It is a small family owned business that takes pride in making a variety of flavors of kettle cooked popcorn. Fischer’s Popcorn is looking to expand its business and venture into the online environment. The company has several physical locations; however, they are all located along the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. Customers currently must come to a physical location to purchase their favorite flavored popcorn. The company believes by venturing into online marketing and sales they will be able to increase business and become even more lucrative
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Customers will also have the option of creating gift packages with personalized notes they can have shipped to friends and family anywhere in the US. Customers will be able to easily pay for the orders on the website as well.
Start-up costs for an online website for the online business expansion will be fairly inexpensive compared to opening several physical locations throughout the United States. Overhead will be low by purchasing and utilizing software that will manage a majority of the online business. Online orders can easily be tracked which will allow the business to create a customer loyalty program which would offer new product notifications, discounts and or coupons to repeat customers.
The online market place has dramatically grown and has changed the way companies market and advertises. Companies can now go directly to the consumer. With the use of social media and online networking sites, companies are increasingly advertising and marketing directly to consumers. The online market place has allowed companies to market and advertise directly to the market at only a fraction of the cost it used to be to create and build a brand. Three of Fischer Popcorns Competitors have already expanded their business online. Jarrett’s Popcorn Shops and Ann’s Popcorn Factory are two online competitors that offer similar products and have already entered the world of online marketing.
Jarrett’s Popcorn Shops is an online only

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