Essay on Qrt Task 1

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Robyn Rollins-Root
Western Governors University

A1. Viability of Product or Service Jordan Valley Medical Center is a 185 bed community hospital located in West Jordan, Utah. This modern medical center is equipped with the latest technology to provide comprehensive health care. In addition to the in-patient units, Jordan Valley provides many outpatient services including: Physical Therapy, Breast Care, Outpatient Lab and Radiology services, as well as Wound Care and Sleep Disorder Clinics. These successful outpatient services allow patients the opportunity to receive medical care that, in the past, would have required hospitalization. Jordan Valley also provides an Outpatient Respiratory Clinic
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Although the RSV Clinic is currently getting good feedback from parents, it is not well known in the community. There is no online presence through the Jordan Valley Medical Center website, nor is it advertised on the marquee, or in the hospital news letter. While patients are accepted by referral only, a stronger community presence would allow for additional referrals and permit Jordan Valley to expand this product line. Creating a website with information about the clinic and its access, educational information, payment options, appointment capabilities, and follow-up would result in a stronger community presence. Additional marketing strategies such as emails, advertising in the hospital newsletter and making site visits to local pediatricians and urgent care facilities will help us to increase our market share and meet the goal of 20% referral increase in the first year. While RSV Clinics are available at a few other local hospitals and pediatric clinics, there is no on-line presence from any of these facilities. While there is limited educational information from the competitor’s websites, there is no reference to an RSV Clinic where patients could be treated as an alternative to an inpatient hospital setting. This virtually untapped market has potential for strong growth in the community. Jordan Valley Medical Center is committed to promoting

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