Essay on Pushing Beyond Memorization Of College Students

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Pushing Beyond Memorization
Have you ever walk away from a class and said to yourself "I never understand anything that the professor was talking about;" or "this class is boring, and it doesn 't hold my attention, how I am going to pass the exams?" So how can you take the most uninteresting class and learn the material for life? This isn 't an easy task by far, but as the saying goes if it 's easy it 's most likely not worth it. You have to work hard for the better things in life, the same goes for learning.
The reason people go to college is to learn and retain what will be required to achieve the career that is planned. So why pay thousands of dollars to cram information in for the test, incredibly frazzled, and unfortunately, forget everything you paid to learn? Doesn 't make sense dose it, yet this is what thousands of college students do every semester. Students need to learn how to study more effectively and push beyond memorization in order to have a more positive effect on their lives outside of college.
Many college students across America spend thousands of dollars every semester to gain the higher education they will need to learn what will be needed for the careers that they wish to enter. Countless students have only memorized the ‘answers ' just to regurgitate the need information for the big test, but they soon forget most of what they were meant to learn for the careers they have their hearts set on. Necessary information is never committed to memory.

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