Essay on Public Understanding Of Science And The Views On Science

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Public understanding of science is one of the areas used to determine public attitude to science, the reason being that there is a relationship between understanding of science and the attitude to it, “Understanding is a broad term, ranging from an elementary idea of what something means (or how it works) to a deep professional understanding of a concept or construct in the full context of its field. The depth of understanding required for a citizen to be able to follow and participate in public policy discussions of a scientific or technological issue has been the subject of extensive debate in recent years.” (Miller, 2004). Hence knowledge of scientific activities is vital, because it is required for personal decision-making process, government policies decisions, proper understanding of new technologies that has improved health and wellbeing and even for self-education. The application of scientific knowledge seems to be needed now for better performance. For instance, nobody is going to ask if you are computer literate if they require you to produce a computer-typed document because it is taken for granted that everyone has a basic knowledge of use of computer, especially between ages 12 and 60. In 2000, ‘Science and Society’ a report by the House of Lords was published, and its focus was on the ‘crisis of trust’ between the public and scientists, this crisis was referred to as the deficit model. (Bodmer, 2010). There was a shift in the attention of the science…

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