Essay on Public School Vs. Public Schools

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Threatened safety. Bullies. Violence. Each of these has the possibility of occurring whether a student attends public school or takes part in homeschooling. Both systems of schooling are used throughout the world as beneficial ways of education. Public school is a method of schooling that allows students to learn with many other peers in a school building. Homeschooling is a system of schooling that allows students to remain at home, but still complete their educations in the same amount of time as students in public school. Both public schooling and homeschooling have many advantages as well as disadvantages, but they are still two schooling options that provide excellent education to students.
Public school teaches students many valuable lessons along with the regular schoolwork; it teaches the value of hard work and what sacrifices need to be made to stay on schedule. Public schools allow students to work with one another for problem-solving, and it encourages students to ask questions and seek answers. Public school allows students to spend quality time with their friends and other peers while remaining in a safe environment.
Public school also has many disadvantages. Students who attend public school spend large portions of their days in the same building. They are not allowed very many breaks throughout the day, and have very limited passing periods. In large schools, the number of students per teacher is substantially larger, causing one-on-one teaching to become…

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