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The True Experiment Research Design
A Clinical Research Study
Juna Jean
Kaplan University


There are so many different sciences in the world. Each one requires research in order to understand the reasons behind behaviors, illnesses, chemical reactions and so much more. True experiments help to test a theory or a drug and its effectiveness while explaining its effects in nature. Testing a new drug and its effectiveness would help scientists to understand, verify, or confirm the benefits of a drug. There are several other research designs that could be used to establish this result however a true experiment is the strongest. I thought of using the quasi-experiment but that design focuses primarily on the cause a treatment has on
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Random assignment is when the researcher places individuals in the study using a procedure that helps to choose which group the participant will be placed in. It allows for each participant to have an equal chance at being selected for either of the two groups.
A sample is a portion of a population that is intended to represent the entire population. (Zechmeister et al., 2001) I think a majority of the morbidly obese individuals in my community are working jobs that require almost no physical movement. I want to conduct my study on adults working in office environments that are considered morbidly obese by their doctors. For the study of the drug I would use stratified sampling. This method of sampling includes sampling from a subpopulation. In this study that would be the population of obese individual in a city of 1000 people. So when selecting the sample if the subpopulation of morbidly obese individuals has a breakdown of 20% men and 80% women it is my job as the researcher to make sure that my sample is proportionate to that of the actual population since researchers will not be able to include the entire population in the study. Offering monetary compensation for the study I think is a great way to get participants when there is a lack of willing participants. It would be a last resort if the number of people that responded to ads and reference from doctors was not enough.
In the initial response to individuals wanting to

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