Essay on Properties of Gases

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The purpose of this experiment was to test and observe the physical and chemical properties of gases, and to use these properties to identify these gases when they are encountered.


Create a data table similar to that in the lab assistant to record your observations.

Gather the following lab equipment: Goggles, test tubes, 24 well plate, Gas assembly with copper and plastic tubing and a #00 stopper, short stem pipet, rubber stopper #00 with one hole and a pipet tip with plastic gas delivery tube, 2 small tables of AlkaSeltzer, 4mL Bromothymol blue .04%, 20 mL hydrochloric acid, 4-6 pieces of manganese metal, 4-6 pieces of mossy zinc, and 3 pipet bulbs.

Gather the following items: Matches, toothpicks, pie
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4. Carbon Dioxide w. PART I i. Put 0.5 to 1.0 mL of limewater into a well in your plate. ii. Take your baking soda and place ½ teaspoon in the bottom of a generation test tube. iii. Hold the test tube over your pie tin and add ½ pipet of white vinegar to the baking soda. The reaction will cause an overflow, but as soon as the overflow stops, insert the stopper with the copper and plastic gas delivery into the test tube. iv. Place the open end of the copper and plastic gas delivery tube into the limewater you just poured into your well plate. v. Observe your reaction. x. PART II vi. Put 0.5 to 1 mL of bromothymol blue into another well of the plate. vii. Rinse the gas tubing under running water in the sink and set up another test tube with baking soda and vinegar just like part I. viii. When the assembly is complete, place the open end into the bromothymol blue. Observe the reaction, and record your results. ix. Light a toothpick or a match and insert the flame into the top part of the gas generation test tube. x. Record what you observe. y. PART III xi. Take the chemicals from the parts above and dump down the sink and flush with water. Rinse and clean the test tubes and equipment to be reused later. xii. Put 0.5 to 1 mL of limewater into another well of the

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