Propaganda Poster : Keep These Hands Off ! Buy The New Victory Bonds

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The propaganda poster “KEEP THESE HANDS OFF! BUY the New VICTORY BONDS” was produced by G. K. Odell for the purpose of use as a tool to fund Canada in the war during World War Two. This essay will take a look at the critical analyze of the poster that a historian has to think about. This includes the political, social, racial, and economic climate; raise whether or not these issues have influenced the way that this document is perceived on a psychological factor; what tone the document takes; what themes the document is telling society; whether or not the document is reliable or not; and how the document represents the history itself. In this propaganda poster the women and child can be seen as being used as emotional devices for the political reasoning that it would help fund the war if the viewer saw themselves in the poster and bought victory bonds in order to protect themselves and help ensure that Canada would win the war. On a social and racial scale the depiction of witch’s/monster-esc hands, leads to a distrust of (Nazi) Germany and Japan — even those of descent, though living in Canada, especially since the whole poster has light colours compared to the upper right corner, which depicts the hand of Nazi Germany, gripping for the woman and the lower left, Japan’s grip reaching for the child, presumably female as it is covered in a pink blanket. The banner at the bottom “BUY the New VICTORY BONDS” is meant to get the reader’s attention as well as the “KEEP THESE…

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