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Promoting Healthy Behavior Change II
David Brink
July 31, 2012

Michelle Alldredge

Promoting Healthy Behavior Change III
Over the past 18 months, there has been a decline in my level of fitness activity as well as nutritional habits. This has been a result of accepting a management position with a Japanese firm which was miss-represented to me by a recruitment firm. The job entailed traveling from Chicago to Los Angeles on a frequent basis along with very long work hours. It was commonplace for people to work from 8 AM up to 10 PM. On one occasion, I worked Friday into Saturday morning not getting home until 3:30 AM.
Between the travel, frequently eating out and the stress of managing two remote facilities I did not gain
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One of the most noticeable impacts of obesity includes a sharp rise in risk for diabetes. In addition, it is estimated that in the United States the annual cost of obesity exceeds $152 billion in medical expenses along with lost productivity (Donatelle, 2010). This is a staggering number for a preventable condition.
In a study conducted by the National Institute for Aging (NIA), it was reported that people between the ages of 50 and 74 in the United States compared to 10 other European countries, found that Americans had higher rates of heart disease, hypertension and cancer than Europeans (Wong, et al., 2011). Nutritionists are also looking at what we consume and not just the amount of what we consume. Protein plays an important role in our diets however consuming too much protein, such as in red meats can contribute to weight gain and can place stress on the liver and kidneys (Wyness, et al., 2011).
In identifying three new fitness habits which I could reasonably incorporate into my lifestyle, the first would be daily walking for at least 30 min. I have the unique advantage of temporarily living on my boat at a Marina on Lake Michigan. There is a two-mile boardwalk path that circles the harbor and provides a spectacular view. The second could involve hourly walks through our hundred thousand square foot facility to get away from e-mails and

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