Essay on Prokaryotic Cell Structure Of Prokaryotic Cells

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Prokaryotic Cell Structure
Prokaryotic cells are 1-5um smaller than eukaryotic cells. They have no true nucleus as eukaryotic cell. The DNAin prokaryotic cell is not contained within a membrane or separated from the rest of the cell, but is coiled up in a region of the cytoplasm called the nucleoid. Bacteria are sample prokaryote, the following structures can be found in bacterial cells:
Capsule areFound in some bacterial cells, this is outer covering protects the cell when it is engulfed by other organisms. They are assists in retaining moisture. Capsule are helps the cell adhere to surfaces and nutrients.
• Cell Wall :
Bacteria are surrounded by cell wall but this is usually made up of peptidoglycan (also called murine) not cellulose. The cell wall protects the bacterial cell and gives it shape.
• Cytoplasm
Cytoplasm is a gel like substance composed of water that also contains enzymes, salts, cell components, and various organic molecules.
• Cell Membrane or Plasma Membrane :
It is Surrounds by the cell cytoplasm and regulates the flow of substances in and out of the cells.

Pill is present only in bacteria cells. They are hair-like structures found on the surface of the cell that attach to other bacterial cells. Shorter pill called fimbriae it helps bacteria attach to surfaces.
Flagella are found in some prokaryotic cells. Flagella are long a whip like tail it helps the bacteria to move itself along.
Ribosomes are present in both…

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