Essay on Project Topics

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1. A study on Job Satisfaction among the employees in the company with reference to
2. A study on Recruitment process among the employees.
3. A study on credit system in fertilizer marketing and to evaluate a suitable credit rating system to minimize risk
4. A study on Customers perception on air conditioners : A study with reference to shopkeepers
5. Analysis of it services requirements In the organizations.
6. A study on Awareness and attitude about modular switches among mid size builder segment
7. A Study on Investors Preference towards equity broking.
8. A study on Consumer buying behavior on FMCG
9. A study on Absenteeism among the employees
10. A study on Training Effectiveness in the organization
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29. A study on Consumer buying Behaviour pattern of Air Conditioner Products.
30. A study on Employees Health , Safety and Welfare measures
31. A study on Debtors Management in the company
32. A study on Short-term Financing in the company
33. A study on Awareness and satisfaction among the investment in Mutual Funds
34. A study on Training and Development among the employees.
35. A study on Welfare Measure implementing in the company.
36. A market stud on perceptual positioning of Electric switches Among existing and potential electrical dealers

37. A study on awareness and Attitude towards the electrical products.

38. A study on Performance Appraisal System among the employees.

39. Consumer Buying Behavioral pattern towards Consumer Products

40. A study on customer preference and satisfaction levels on photocopying and fax machines among the dealers.

41. A study on knowledge Management among the employees

42. A study on magazine reader perception at Indian Express Mumbai ltd.,
43. A study on Effectiveness of Training Programmes among the employees.
44. A study on market survey of cetirizine and fluconazole with special reference to cipla ltd.
45. A study on employee awareness of training in ttk healthcare ltd.
46. A study on Organisational Culture and Climate of Employees among the employees.
47. A study on market potential of compact flourescent lamps
48. A study on digital media careers aspired by senior secondary

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