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Research Topic: "The Increasing Number of Automobiles in the City of Abuja"
Background to the Research.
The initial question: How or Why did the number of vehicles in the city of Abuja increase geometrically? has remained on the minds of most residents of Abuja. This remarkable increase in the number of vehicles may stem from the increasing population of the residents, as more people, organizations, companies and vehicle owners are relocating to the city of Abuja from other cities within and outside Nigeria either for socio-economic reasons. Another reason why this phenomenon exists is that more people are now able to afford to buy a car or more because of the availability and cheap cost of fairly used imported vehicles.
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The VIO and FRSC are law enforcement bodies designated to register and manage vehicles plying the roads and to enforce road safety measures on motorists with regards to driving rule and regulations in Abuja.
Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria and one of the fastest growing cities in the world, located in the centre of Nigeria in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). Abuja covers a total area of 713 km2 (275.3 sq mi) with a population size of 778,567 (from the results of the population census in 2006)
Abuja is a planned city, divided into three (3) phases. The Phase 1 area of the city is divided into five (5) districts. They are Central Business District, Garki District, Wuse District, Maitama District, and Asokoro District.
There are also five districts in Phase 2. They are Kado Distirct, Durumi District, Gudu District, Utako District and Jabi District. And the Phase 3 districts are Mabuchi District, Katampe District, Wuye District and Gwarimpa District.
There are also five suburban districts, which are Nyanja District, Karu District, Gwagwalada District, Kubwa District, and Jukwoyi District.
There are also clusters of satellite settlements, namely Lugbe, Chika, Kuchigworo and Pyakassa. Other satellite settlements are Idu (The Main Industrial Zone), Mpape, Karimu, Gwagwa, Dei-Dei
The city of Abuja has modernized extensive freeways

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