Project and It Amnagement Essay

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Anthony Thomas
American International University
Week I IP 1
ITCO311-1104A-01 IT Project and Team Management
Professor Fred Kellenberger

This week’s assignment requires the ability to create a timeline for a project that you may have worked on or one that you can imagine working on. The task includes creating a project scope and timeline with objectives and deadlines, tasks that will be needed to complete the project and then explain the objectives. Questions on your project are then to be answered to fulfill the requirements.

This project is to design a bed that will be firm yet soft to the touch. The bed should be designed, tested and ready for production in less than 30 days. The bed should have a
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Meeting the budget and avoiding cost overruns are very important and also allow the product to meet the requirements of the end user’s objectives. * What can happen to your project if your time line is incorrect?
You can have cost overruns and delays in the project which are detrimental to the client and project. * Based on your Unit 1 Individual Project, what methodology or tools would you implement for this project and why?
I would use the Waterfall method because when you and the client are working together throughout the project there is less of an opportunity for requirements to be missed or done incorrectly. Feedback is an important tool and without the client being involved, knowing what problems your facing while creating the project they have no idea of the obstacles of it. If they are continuously included in the project design and requirement phases you will have a better chance of an on time, on budget, functional project. * Why should quality be managed?
Quality has to be managed in order for you to have a successful project. The better the quality the more sales and referrals and happy clients you get in return. The true overall objective should be to provide a better more competitive product for the client. At certain points in a project or design you must decide where to put higher quality parts or features in

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