Essay on Professional Written Communications Final Exam

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note: red means wrong

1.Request for proposals answer: seek help from outside vendors

2. visual aids main goal is to answer: maintain audience interest

3.for readers of online material, highlighting information is especially helpful because answer: it provides navigational cues answer: it aids search engine retrieval

4.Because presentation are structured for listeners, it is important answer: include as many visuals as possible answer: take advantage of a call to action answer: work is especially hard on the opening and closing

5.a proposal usually includes answer: an itemized list of costs.

6.Meetings are usually and ideally: answer: a contribution to a collective effort

7.providing copies of a
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answer: linking

20.Easy to follow instructions do Not allow for answer: unfinished tasks

21.A major different between print and online writing is that online writing is answer: faster

22.The______ helps determine whether the goals of a presentation have been met. answer: closing

23.Adequate warnings answer: describe how to avoid injury

24.the purpose of transitions and visual aids in presentations is to answer:enhance the message for audiences

25.when planning a meeting which of the following makes most sense? answer:in a two-hour meeting, a break will occur after an hour

26.when creating PDF files, it is helpful for online writing if_______ answer: copyrighted material has been posted with permission

27.when writing instructions for international readers answer: use plain language

28.Alert readers to potential hazards by answer:utilizing highlighting techniques

29.Well- illustrated instructions often work well for answer: international audiences

30.when writing directly to the reader_____and _______ answer: use the active voice; be concise

31.Listening ,unlike hearing ,requires all of the following Except: answer: action answer:assessment make complex instructions easier to follow answer: break it into stages or headings writing, like printed writing, must do which of the following answer: include any and all information over a specific

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