Problem Solution: Best Snacks Inc. Essay

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Problem Solution: Best Snacks Inc.
Cheri Modica
University of Phoenix

Problem Solution: Best Snacks Inc. Best Snacks, Inc. will assess past procedures, management practices, and organizational culture to facilitate the changes needed to strengthen its position in the snack industry as a model of innovation and creativity.
Describe the Situation
Issue and Opportunity Identification Despite its huge success, Best Snacks is facing several major issues within the organization. One of the issues is compatibility of organizational structure and organizational culture. Another issue the company is growing rapidly, so change is inevitable in the near future. In this
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According to Jones (2004), the functional design is a subunit made up of a group or departments working together but independently of one another, each that possess like skills, and use the same knowledge, tools, or techniques to perform their positions (p. 99). The functional organizational design is structured with a hierarchy based on subordination and departments acting independently of one another but still working towards a common goal. Several issues exist that have a direct correlation to the functional structure that Best Snacks utilizes. These specific issues could possibly prevent the company from continuing to move towards their new goals and developing new technologies and innovations. The first would be that of communication and coordination, organizations making use of a functional structure struggle with communication between the subunits or functional group. These issues can range from the organizational progress becoming slower and inflexibility to anything that may not be planned. “To avoid communication problems that can surface organizations try to find new or better ways to integrate the functions of the organization – to promote cooperation, coordination, and communication among separate subunits” (Jones, 2004, p. 103). Another issue that could prevent the company from initiating new technologies is differentiation problems. Currently the company is very small and the division of labor is quite simple and very few problems

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