Prisoners And Their Health Care Essay

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Tristan Ybarra
Mrs. Mora
Eng 1A Pro Paper
21 October 2014
Prisoners and Their Health Care It has been said that effectively treating inmates with physical and mental illnesses, including substance abuse disorders, improves their well being and can reduce likelihood that they will commit new crimes or violate probation once they are released (Majer, Schluete, Wicklond 27). They believed that providing health care for inmates would help them to a better mindset and over all health, even if they were in facilities for mental illnesses or narcotic abuse. In other words, it is like giving them a second chance to prove themselves as decent human beings while being on parole. Should state prisons pay for prisoner health care? What changed the health care for inmates was a case in 1976. It is called Estelle vs. Gamble, taken place at a Texas State prison J.W. Gamble was a working inmate who was doing work when he was hit with a bale of hay and fell and injured his back. Mr. Gamble ended up suing the Texas’ chief prison doctor, the warden, and W.J. Estelle who was the director of the state department of corrections. Gamble stated that he wasn’t given adequate medical treatment, denied him a work excuse, and punished him for refusing work when he was medically unfit. The decision that was made by the U.S. Supreme court affirmed that prisoners have constitutional right to adequate medical attention and stated that the Eight Amendment was violated when correctional officers displayed…

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