Prisoner Rights Essay

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Prisoner Rights

Robert Bregante


April 17, 2011
Michael Lew

Prisoner Rights

A major part of the evolution within the prison system is prisoner rights. Even though citizens loose many of their rights once committing a felony, there are still rights afforded to those individuals incarcerated. Prisoner rights are important to maintaining balance within the prison system. They give the prisoners a voice, which prevents prison officials from abusing their power. Prisoner rights are necessary to maintaining a particular level of care for inmates, for it forces the correctional staff to be more hands on in their approach. This way they may also receive the treatment necessary for proper rehabilitation, as well as the tools
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The effect on social behavior from inside prison facilities also has its share of positive and negative affects. More treatment is given to the inmates to enhance their rehabilitation, and more programs are available so that inmates do not sit as idle as they may have in the past. Prison officials are held to a higher standard of providing adequate living conditions which I think can help improve inmates overall behavior. Although I feel the overall social behavior of the inmates has improved from that of the past, issues of overcrowding and racial diversity can still cause for a negative social environment. Despite any negative concerns however, prisoner rights have been an important step to the proper evolution of the prison system. One key element to providing those prisoner rights is the 8th amendment. The 8th amendment states that excessive bail amounts will not be charged to the defendant, and no cruel or unusual punishment will be imposed. Though this was originally only applied to federal prisoners, the U.S. Supreme court later began applying various aspects of the bill of rights to state jurisdictions as well. As such the 8th amendment became relevant to how inmates were being treated, and the conditions they were being forced to live under. Prisons are now accountable for filthy and unsanitary prison cells, as well as any misconduct on

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