President Of The United States Essay

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The president is a dominant force in forging policy making, because the framers when they were constructing the constitution gave the president under Acritical II Of the United States Constitution, the power to be Commander and Chief of the United States arms forces as well as chief diplomat. As Chief diplomat and the figure head of the nation the citizens expect the president to create laws and regulate laws in the greater beneficial of America foreign or domestic. But as important as the president is in policy making. It has to share its power with the United States Congress. They have a symbiotic relationship in where both departments of Executive and Legislative branches have to work together in-order to create policies domestically and foreign. With one department not contempt with a policy the other department creates it can have the ability to cancel out the policy or even complicate the process A president can also be dominant because he is given accesses to many resources of The United States government has at the president disposal. He is also advised by many top political heads of different department’s agencies. Such as Joint Chief of Staff. He helps advise the president how to strategies in foreign conflicts. For example President Obama has recently nominated Gen. Martin Dempsey, Army chief of staff, to become chairman of Joints Chiefs of Staff. And well now help Obama on overseas conflicts and well help him strategies. The National Security Console in the…

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