Presentation On Violence Against Women Essay

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Fizza and Gaziya’s presentation on violence against women in contemporary India provided an extensive look at the various forms that violence against women take place. These forms included rape, female infanticide, female foeticide, acid throwing, dowry deaths and some forms of sexual violence. In doing so, the group looked at some of the changing perceptions to these forms of violence in India and how these have been reflected in India’s Penal Code through amendments. They also provided many statistics to support their claims in regards to violence against women being a problem that affects all of India, rather than being exceptions and not the norm. As such, this review will discuss some of the main topics covered in the presentation, and highlight and raise some questions that could have been considered by the presenters.
Fizza started by talking about violence’s against women taking place around issues of marriage. In some cases, husbands and the in-laws use marriage as a form of extortion to extract a greater dowry. If the bride’s side does not give in, then violence is exacted on the bride in order to put pressure on the family to pay the groom more dowry. In extreme cases, women are severely beaten, burned, or have acid thrown on their face to disfigure them. In rare cases, women have been murdered by being set on fire, and these incidents have been made to look like suicide attacks.
Ghaziya then, shifted the discussion to rape and topics surrounding sexual forms of…

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