Essay on Preschool 's Role Of Literacy Development

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Preschool’s Role in the Development of Literacy Merriam-Webster (2011) defines literacy as the ability to read and write. Many things influence one’s level of literacy. I often wonder why some students are better in school than others. Some students really struggle to achieve average grades while other students seem to excel with little effort. I was always encouraged to read and write by my parents and teachers as a way to improve my literacy. Exposure to early educational programs like preschool have a positive impact on a person’s level of literacy. Does preschool influence one’s literacy? The public is very concerned about our local education system. Whenever you turn on the news, there are several stories reporting that students are failing standardized tests, and graduation rates are low. In order to correct these educational issues, we must learn ways to help students accomplish. The early childhood years are very crucial in children’s literacy development because the development of language and literacy begins at birth and is a lifelong process. “The importance of children’s early literacy development cannot be overstated” (Bredekamp and Copple). Most parents make many efforts to improve their child’s learning abilities. Reading to kids, singing, learning songs, having the kids watch fun and educational television programs are all ways that parents try to help their children learn. Bredekamp and Copple suggest that parents and teachers work together in a combined…

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