Essay on Preparing For A Assisted Living Facility

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Preparing for Tomorrow At one time or another we may all be in a place where we will be looking for an Assisted Living Facility. Whether it’s for parents, grandparents, a spouse, or loved one, one will want to know which type of facility will be best. Making an informed decision based on research, investigation and costs will help people make an informed decision about which Assisted Living Facility is right for them. An Assisted Living Facility is defined as a place where older people that do not need to live in nursing homes go to live that need some sort of care. These individuals are still independent and self-sufficient but need some sort of care assistance. It a place they can call home and live comfortably. Couples may move in together in a small apartment and enjoy the comforts of not having to worry about everyday stresses as mowing the lawn all the way down to driving to the store if that is the services they need. High-end Assisted Living Facilities may provide shuttle services, hairdressers, comprehensive exercise facilities--often with a full-time activity director—and monthly visits from nurse practitioners or medical doctors (Bagwell, 2013). Some facilities offer one room lodging for residents that might need more one on one care. This type of room has its own bathroom, shower, room for a bed, dresser and a few other items. Depending on the type of care that is needed, will depend on the living arrangement they will choose. When…

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