Positive And Positive Learning Environment Essay

778 Words Nov 21st, 2014 4 Pages
Learning environment is one of the main factors that contribute to the learning of the students. Learning environment is anything that surrounds the students and affects the learning outcome of the students. Learning environment includes the teacher teaching them, their peers and the location of the class taken (outside or inside the classroom). The learning environment can be positive or negative depending on environment you create. Positive learning environment should be prioritized and made to have an effective teaching and learning process. Positive learning environment is the environment that has a positive influence on the children and young people (Positive learning environment, n.d). Creating a positive learning environment in the classroom makes your student feel comfortable, safe and engaged, which are the main components that all students deserve. This makes the students to be more open to actively participate in the class thereby benefiting from the lesson and get self motivated (How to create positive learning environment, 2014)

I would like the create a positive environment for my students to feel free and come forward to ask any issues that they face about study and other things that I can help them learn and grow. As a teacher, I do create a positive environment since I teach the freshman in the college. I want them to feel at college since it is their first time in the college days which will be different from their high school days. I try to be frank…

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