Population Density Is Dependent On Co2 Emission Per Capita Essay

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Population Density in Relation to Carbon Dioxide Emission Per Capita in US

Sean Hwang
Fort Hays State University

Abstract Population density is dependent on CO2 emission per capita. The objective of this research to find correlation between CO2 emission per capita and

Global warming is the observed century-scale rise in the average temperature of the Earth 's climate system. This phenomenon is proofed by an article of by Larry Vardiman; sea-surface temperature in the Gulf of Alaska has increased about 3% over the past 30 years; the Arctic sea-ice extent has decreased about 5% over the past 25 years. (Larry Vardiman 2007). In 2009, Mortreux C. claimed that as the earth gets warmer, serious problems occur such as abnormal climates and the rise of sea levels. These problems cannot be overlooked by some countries such as Tuvalu, which will be submerged if the sea levels rise. Thus, Tuvalu’s citizens are planning to immigrate to New Zealand, abandoning their own island (Mortreux & Barnett, 2009).
This GHGs are considered as one of the biggest reasons of global warming. Thomas Dietz (2000) claimed in his study that the atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse gases (GHGs) are increasing (Dietz & Rosa, 1997). Even though there are a lot of types of compounds which contribute to the greenhouse effect, nowadays, scientists mostly focus on the increasing amount of CO2. It is not only because dramatic increases of CO2, but also CO2…

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