Polices And Legislations Towards Safeguarding Children From Abuse Have Evolved Today

1856 Words Nov 17th, 2014 8 Pages
This essay offers to show how the different polices and legislations towards safeguarding children from abuse have evolved today. This essay will explore how the different ideas of policies are set into place and show how different policies go into different directions. From this it will show my knowledge and understandings of different events that have happened and made a development towards society. Showing from a historical perspective it will discuss how different acts have been set into place to stop prevention of cruelty towards children. Such as in 1889 as this was the first act in place of the parliament to protect children. Also this essay will summarise the main provisions which took place in 1989, as this was a huge act that give children the right to be protected for abuse. However this essay will show why this act was amended in 2004, due to a tragic event which took place in 2000, from this is contributed it to happen.

‘A Policy is making the process of changing an idea into an action. These ideas can come from many different places, such as: governments, ministers, politicians or even voluntary organisations’ (GOV, 2013). Polices can also change when their is a change of government. However a legislation is different as is it ‘ set laws that are made and signed by the government’ (Webster, 2014). These set laws are not meat to be broken has it is a legal requirement. Over the last 21 years, there has been 40 green and white papers published. Of these…

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