Essay about Police Brutality Of Black Culture

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Police Brutality of Black Culture People are scared to put on a certain outfit or be in a certain place or be a specific race because of how the cops would perceive them. We live in a world where just because people wear hoodies or baggy clothes they are considered bad or a people who need to be watched. The judgment of black culture is disgraceful and humiliating. Now days the only thing on the news containing African Americans is when there has been a killing or robbery. This is shown when the news depicts the famous cases like Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, and a whole lot more that aren’t really talked about. They were all serious cases. African Americans of all ages are being brutally beaten or even killed by a government official or someone of higher power. Unarmed and usually harmless, they are assaulted in such a manner that they are seriously harmed.
The event that has been on the news for a while is the case of Michael Brown:
Michael Brown, at just 18 years old, died at the barrel of a white policeman’s gun in Ferguson, Missouri, on 9 August, igniting world-wide anger and protestations, more so in the US itself. Michael was shot 11 times - twice in the head and 9 times in the chest while he had his hands up to indicate he was unarmed. On his way to his grandmother’s house, “Mike- Mike”, the name his family called him, was set upon by a white policeman who emptied his gun into the young man because he was jay-walking-that is, walking in the street instead of on…

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